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We blend art and engineering to create products based on and for people from creative design thinking, to prototypes to manufacturing





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“Design must not just consider the user, it must be based on them"

Product design solutions for the industries of Healthcare, Consumer and Industrial. We work with inventors, to start ups to major brands.

Neuronetics, Inc.







CVR/Compliance Video Recorder


Side car/Wireless networking device

DGH Technologies

FLEX/Ophthalmic desktop probe system

Modern Water/Inteprod

Microtox LX/Toxicity detection device

Services designed for the right experience

We are results oriented and focused. The product development process should incorporate a passion for good design and the success it can achieve when creatively and strategically employed. Through focused research and well-defined product requirements, the design cycle can streamline cost and time while optimizing the experience for both clients and users.


Product and user analysis, data capture, data synthesis and translation to actionable design criteria.

Industrial design

Creative front end involving sketching, model making, form studies, concept generation, research, cost analysis, etc.

Human factors

Design research and usability, formative and summative use case studies, anthropometric and ergonomic data analysis and design.


On site 3D printing, high and low-resolution model building of functional and non-functional prototypes. Projects include full scale and scaled functional and non-functional models of products for research, trade shows, sales, etc.


3D solid modeling and engineering including design for manufacturing, service assembly and use. Solidworks is our primary modeling software.


Products designed for manufacturing, documentation drawings, specifications, pricing via qualified manufacturing suppliers domestically and abroad, tooling design liaison, first article reviews.

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We are located in a 220 year old farmhouse style building in the suburbs of Philadelphia. The history it contains and its architecture makes for a creative atmosphere. We are 45 minutes from the Philadelphia airport (PHL).

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